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We do not bid to win, nor seek out to be the best bid because Price is an obstacle that limits Perfection. We simply give sound renovation Prices with Great product and service. To see our job description examples, and all SVC we offer view our Services Offered Page then Stop Searching to Find Roofing Companies, Free Estimated Cost Proposals and Written Warranties with the Best Roofing Contractors, Alter-King! Please Submit a Product Review and state Service Received in Our Consumer Reports Page. We are  Centrally Located Between Abilene Tx and San Angelo Tx  and Offer Senior/Military as well as Student  Discounts for all Abilene Christian University Attendees. We Service All Roof Types, From Shingles, Metal,  Wood, Bitumen, Tile and More. Give us an Address and let us on the Roof! Before Calling A Tech View Our How tos, and Q and A Section for All Your Home Improvement Needs! Then, Select a Number From List Below

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(Company Warranty Description) 

King15 Usually refers to the Roofing portion of (but not limited to) our services, in that the client will be given, in writing, the full warranty Contract with terms and conditions, date beginning, date ending, and your warranty will be filed online with manufacturer and printed for proof before departure from location completion. The King-15  will also have Company Owners (Only) signature of backed assurance present stating that regardless of the terms or conditions stated therein, he will honor the project for life, in that even after said 15 year term of warranty he will surpass and blanket the protection of performed duties. Taking the contract "under his wing" so to speak . Alter-King Construction can provide "proof of life" to the King-15 with past clients completed contracts that have surpassed warranty term and conditions, and have still received (at no cost) revised and substantial rework.