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We do not bid to win, nor seek out to be the best bid because Price is an obstacle that limits Perfection. We simply give sound renovation Prices with Great product and service. To see our job description examples, and all SVC we offer view our Services Offered Page then Stop Searching to Find Roofing Companies, Free Estimated Cost Proposals and Written Warranties with the Best Roofing Contractors, Alter-King! Please Submit a Product Review and state Service Received in Our Consumer Reports Page. We are  Centrally Located Between Abilene Tx and San Angelo Tx  and Offer Senior/Military as well as Student  Discounts for all Abilene Christian University Attendees. We Service All Roof Types, From Shingles, Metal,  Wood, Bitumen, Tile and More. Give us an Address and let us on the Roof! Before Calling A Tech View Our How tos, and Q and A Section for All Your Home Improvement Needs! Then, Select a Number From List Below

 Office: (325) 365-6717                      

 Fax: (325) 208-1372                                

 Angie Holmstrom (325) 365-1033           

 Kevin: (325) 365-6172                             

 Justin Siler (325) 365-6717                  



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The Owners Address ... Continued 

Is The way a man feels, believes, acts, reacts, his Morals, Integrity, and all around simply put... his outward signal to the common stranger. I mean lets be honest again, people can read other people. Folks can see through a "fake" personality any day. We all know when a door knocker comes that is just getting paid to knock from those that are actually selling you something with personal trust and believe in that product their selling. We can sepperate the paycheck pursuer from the one person that illuminates "truth" My point is this...

In my past 12 years, I have made some mistakes, some caused a bad review, some caused an occasional "lost Contract", but the ones that really really stuck with me, the mistakes that still haunt me today even after learning from those mistakes are the ones that involved loss of a friend!ship and loss of Company Integrity or Trust. Now I am Not completely sure that either of those actually were the case (other than friendship loss) But when i lay my head down at night, these are the things that haunt my thoughts. For that reason alone, is why I believe we have lasted 12 years in the Business...

PEOPLE SEE THROUGH FAKE, AND NOTICE THE "REAL" I think that with all the mistakes made, and the true desire to pursue greatness and satisfaction shows within me. It also paves the road for staff to read and decide within themselves if they are as I, or just do not simply fit into the Company. 

My name is Kevin Holmstrom. I am the Owner and operator of Alter-King Construction LLC and I would like you to know who I am. I would like to get to know you!

We're not perfect, but we will complete your job perfectly fit just for you. Or work extra hours to fix it so it is ;)

Give us a call out there. We have had to be doing something right, to  last 15 eh? Look forward to meeting you!!

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Locations of Service 

  • Abilene
  • Buffalo Gap
  • Tye
  • Tuscola
  • Winters
  • Ballinger
  • Talpa
  • ​Coleman
  • Rowena
  • Miles
  • San Angelo
  • Grape Creek
  • Dallas
  • Ft Worth 
  • ​Arlington
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"The First Birthday Present I can Really Remember, Was a Tool Set. I Love My Job"......Owner,

Kevin Holmstrom

 (325) 365-6717

Kevin Holmstrom in Ballinger, TX on Houzz
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