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 Does The Proposal Include Cost Of Material?

  Yes The Written Quote We Give You Will Include All Material, Labor, And Taxes To Complete Your Project.

   Can I Purchase Material To Save Myself Some Money?

  Yes You Can Purchase The Material, It Just Needs To Be Certain That It Is The Correct Material For Standard Business Practices For      Warranty Purposes.

   Do I Need To Get The Permit, Or Will Your Company Do That?

  Don't Fret, We Will Handle All The Paperwork, And Filings Of Permits And Warranties Needed For Manufacturer Guarantees.

   Do You Offer Senior Or Military Discounts?  

  Yes We Do! We Offer A 20% Discount Off Bottom Line Cost For Senior And Military Discount.

   Have You Ever Had To Honor A Warranty?

  Yes We Have, If Any Business Tells You That They Have Never Had A Leak Or An Angry Customer Before, Chances Are They Have Only  Been In Business A Couple Of Years Or They Are Not Being Honest With You. 

 We Always Dislike It When Misfortunes Arise, Yet We Stand By Our Services And Promise To Rectify The Situation By All Means Possible.  We Will Fund And Fix, Period.

   Do You Have A List Of References?

  Yes A List Of Local References Can Be Given Upon Request.

   What Is Your Texas Bond Number? And Your Tax Registration Number? Are You Licensed?

  Texas Bond Number Is 71847884. Tax Registration Number Is 3-2061506823. We Have Tried To Become Licensed By The State, Yet They  Will Not Grant A License To A Contractor That Does Not Require One In Their Field Of Services Offered. So Unless We Include Electrical  Services To Our Resume, We Are Not Required, Or Allowed To Be Licensed. We Are However Accredited, Registered, Bonded, And Insured. 

   Do I Need To Call And Hire The Certified Electrician, HVAC, And Plumber To Complete My Kitchen And Pantry  Remodel? No, We Have Certified, Licensed, and Trustworthy Contractors That We Consistently Rely On For Our Contracts That Are   Licensed Required, Such As AC Repair, And Gas Line Repairs.Their Prices  Will Be Included In Our Quote And You Will Only Have To Hire    And Pay Alter-King Construction For All Your Needs. We Disburse The Funds To Appropriate Contractors as Needed.

   Where Do You Purchase The Material You Use For My Project?

  We Use A Variety Of Merchants For Our Materials. We Try To Buy In Bulk To Reduce And Absorb Some Of The  Costs To The Customer.  We  Store Various Articles To Have Readily On-Hand, And Other Times We Order At Will From Well Known And Respected Distributors Such As  Home Depot, Lowes, McCoys, City Lumber, Mueller Inc, And ABC Suppliers.

   What Does "Less Depreciation and Deductible" Mean On My Insurance Papers?

  This Is The Fee That Will Be Reduced From Your Insurance Claim That Is Given To You By Your Agent For    Damages Incurred. The  Deductible Is A Given Process Fee Everyone Must Pay For Filing A Claim. And Sometimes The Depreciation Will Be Refunded To You After  Such Damages Have Been Restored. View The Fine Print Usually Located At The End Of The Claim Report For Info On Refundable Or Non-  Refundable Depreciation.

  What Services Do You Offer?

   Select "Info" for details



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 Tips And Tricks

 To Save You Money

Closures Are The Rubber Pieces That Are Shaped Like The Metal And Get Installed At The Bottom Of The Metal To Keep Upwind Rain From Directing Into Your Sheathing. If Your Metal Roof Is Leaking, Check These For Missing Or Damaged Closures. You Can Go To Your Local Mueller's To Purchase Some New Closures For Under 50 A Box

These Home Remedies Are Temporary Fixes And Not Recommended For Long Term Results. Alter-King Construction Assumes No Responsibility To Conditions Or Preventions Of Any Water Damage Occurred By Following These Tips. We Strongly Suggest In Calling For A Free Estimate To Redeem The Problem Correctly For Long-Term Prevention

          Always  Let Your Contractor Give You The Estimate Total Before Informing  Him Of Any      Discounts Or  Coupon Offers You May Have. This Eliminates  Created Increases To Line  Item  Totals To Supplement The Discount, You Carry.

          Even If You Are Only Going To Get One Bid On Your Project, From Only One Contractor ( We    Suggest  At Least Three) Always Inform Your Bid Submitter That You Have Scheduled Three  Different Companies Quote. This Will Ensure You Recieve The Best Possible Price Due To  Competition Fears Between Contractors. FYI, Some Contractors Are Dead Set Upon Their Prices. If  You Have The Funds, Choose That Company To Sign With! Because It Is Our Firm Belief  That  "Price Is Only An Obstacle That  Limits Perfection"  Even Still, Notify Estimator Of Their Competition,  You Never Know!?


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Simply Purchase Some 'Valley-Flashing And Cut And Angle Into Space To Cover Exposed Hole To Prevent Blow-In Rain.

Install Some 1x4 Trim Over The Gap To Flashing And Apply Silicone To All Edges Of New Boards.

Q and A 

Also, Check Your Complete Roof For Open And Exposed Areas That Can Attract Blowing Rain. If Your Roof Only Leaks When It Rains Very Hard Or Comes In As A Blowing High-Wind Rain Storm, More Than Likely You Have An Opening That Only Catches Rain In Blowing Conditions. The Top Of The Flashing Against the Wall Has No Cover To Prevent Water From Going Behind All The Flashing Work.

Tips And Tricks

To Save You Money Before You Spend It!

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Check Your Pipes On Your Roof. 50% Of Calls About Roof Leaks Around Pipes Are Because Of Gaps Between The Lead Pipe And The Actual Galvanized Pipe. Simply Get A Tube Of Tar At Your Local Hardware Store And Fill In The Gap. (Solution Is Temporary Only) 

If You Have A Leaky Roof

Check These Common Problems That Are Do-It-Yourself Tricks To Save You That 300 Dollar Call To A Roofing Contractor!

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We do not bid to win, nor seek out to be the best bid because Price is an obstacle that limits Perfection. We simply give sound renovation Prices with Great product and service. To see our job description examples, and all SVC we offer view our Services Offered Page then Stop Searching to Find Roofing Companies, Free Estimated Cost Proposals and Written Warranties with the Best Roofing Contractors, Alter-King! Please Submit a Product Review and state Service Received in Our Consumer Reports Page. We are  Centrally Located Between Abilene Tx and San Angelo Tx  and Offer Senior/Military as well as Student  Discounts for all Abilene Christian University Attendees. We Service All Roof Types, From Shingles, Metal,  Wood, Bitumen, Tile and More. Give us an Address and let us on the Roof! Before Calling A Tech View Our How tos, and Q and A Section for All Your Home Improvement Needs! Then, Select a Number From List Below

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The Same Thing Has Occurred Here below With The Rubber Portion Breaking Seal. Simply Apply Tar Around The Gap. Install Webbing To The Tar For Longer Shelf Life

Notice The Gas Stack Is Missing The Cap. Easily Install The Cap To Top Of Pipe 

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